September 24, 2023

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom datamine sure seems to suggest more amiibo are on the way

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A recent The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom datamine seems to be suggesting that we could expect to see some new amiibo in the future.

Back in February, when the second big trailer for Tears of the Kingdom dropped, alongside a collector’s edition reveal we were also shown a new amiibo of Link showing off his fancy new arm. So far we haven’t heard anything about any other amiibo being released, despite there being plenty of new characters to make them of – but a recent datamine sure is making it seem like at least a couple more amiibo are on the way, specifically because of a couple of glider fabrics that can’t be found in the main game.

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In Tears of the Kingdom, you can now change the fabric your glider is made out of, with plenty of fabrics to be found in the game itself, and a few that are exclusive to some of the Zelda amiibo (we even have a nifty guide which tells you what all of the amiibo unlock). And as documented by YouTuber Lootward, there are a couple of fabrics you can’t find with any of the amiibo currently available (thanks, Eurogamer).

The fabrics are respectively called Princess Zelda and Gerudo King, the former looking similar to the new outfit that Zelda is sporting for most of the game, the latter themed around Gerudo designs. Fansite Universo Zelda reported that the two fabrics are linked to amiibo IDs 1049 and 1050, which would imply they’re next in line as the new Tears of the Kingdom Link amiibo as the ID number 1048. All of which adds up to a strong possibility that we’ll see some Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo in the future.

It wouldn’t be too surprising if Tears of the Kingdom received more amiibo, as Breath of the Wild also did post release of the four main champions, tying into the game’s Champion’s Ballad DLC. But with no Nintendo Direct scheduled for this Not-E3 season, who knows when they could be announced.

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