September 30, 2023

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You’ll soon be able to buy a brand-new Xbox 360

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In the year of our lord 2023, you will be able to purchase a brand-new Xbox 360 — but there’s a catch. You’ll have to assemble it yourself. A full seven years after Microsoft stopped production on what was its bestselling console, block builder company Mega has revealed a 3:4 scale replica of an Xbox 360 that’s available exclusively at Target starting October 8th.

The 1,342-piece set includes the console, naturally; an Xbox 360 controller; and a bricked-up copy of Halo 3.

The replica console even includes a replica pack-in game: Halo 3. Image: Mega / Target

There’s also an impressive amount of internals to build, including a functional indicator light — with no worries about getting the infamous red ring of death.

According to the set’s description, “the console opens to reveal a disc drive (and other Easter eggs),” and apparently putting the fake Halo 3 disc into the console will “activate the motherboard.” Not sure what that means, but I have a feeling 343 Guilty Spark is somehow involved.

Welcome home, John. Image: Mega / Xbox

I’m impressed by the commitment to detail with this set. I love the little flair of including one of those gray detachable 360 hard drives that is, in fact, fully detachable.

The set comes with a detachable hard drive and even a replica of the 360 ethernet port. Image: Mega / Target

Even the box is hitting all the right nostalgia buttons, replicating almost perfectly the exact look of a 360 box, right down to those frustrating side folds.

If I saw this in the corner of my eye at a Target, I would fully pass out believing it was real. Image: Mega / Target

What year is it? Image: Mega / Target

Seeing an Xbox 360 console in the wild (though it’s not an actual console, of course) would only further reinforce that we’re living in an early aughts time compression.

The controller for the Mega Xbox 360 replica set. Image: Mega / Target

Though preorders are sold out, the replica is set to hit Target on October 8th. Image: Mega / Target

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