December 2, 2023

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You Need To Get Marvel Snap’s Free New Storm Variant Card ASAP

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The excellent new Storm variant artwork for Marvel Snap.

Image: Second Dinner

As of today, Marvel Snap is giving away a fantastic new Storm variant, has put together a very pretty animated music video featuring music by Martin Garrix and JVKE, and combined it with a new in-game event called Hype the Hero. It’s a shame it hasn’t all been more clearly implemented, but we’ve got your back.

Let’s get the video in right away. I have no idea about whoever Garrix and JVKE are, other than that they’re bad at spelling, but it’s an awesome piece of animation and features a bunch of Snap’s variant art in really nice ways. (Although, you know, drink every time you see a damsel trope.)

Second Dinner

The idea is for you to collect “records” when battling that, when spun on a special screen builds “HYPE,” which in turn unlocks rewards. But you have to register via a link buried in the app to do so. The game also doesn’t actually tell you when you win these discs at the end of battles, nor when you have enough to unlock rewards, and then, um, you can also now pay an extra $30 for…almost nothing?

What a funny ol’ muddle, and one with bad timing, given there’s already a sense of post-honeymoon ennui around the excellent card battler. The good news here is that you can, right now, pick up a really nice variant art for one of the best cards in the game, Storm. To do this, you’re going to want to open the game, and either scroll through the Main section’s slides to “JOINING THE SHOW: HERO,” and then click “Join Web Event;” or you can go to News, scroll down to the very buried “Hype the Hero!” entry, and tap on that.

With this done, you’ll now be earning records whenever you earn cubes. Cubes are the items with which you “gamble” when playing a round of Snap, and as a basis, you get one record for one cube. However, each week for this labyrinthine event, playing certain cards in your deck will double the number of records won. This week, it’s Gambit and Rogue, neither of which I have in any of my decks, which sucks.

G/O Media may get a commission

If you lack either, you could always pick them up in the new IAP! A mere $30 purchase secures you a variant of each, two very bland avatars of the same, all for a paltry 1,500 credits. To put this in context, buying 1,500 credits directly would cost you 1,200 gold, and you can buy 1,450 gold for $20. Even ignoring that the game gives you credits in armfuls, and you can easily pick up 1,500 in a day just playing the game for free, that’s still somehow charging $10 for four jpegs that make no material difference to the game. Now, clearly, we live in a world where people pay millions for jpegs because we live in the worst timeline, but even so, this is awful.

Anyway, the new Storm card is free and far better than anything in the store, so grab that right away. And then, heck, there’s free gold and credits to be had for playing exactly as you were going to anyway: you just have to remember to go claim them yourself as the game isn’t gonna for you.


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