December 1, 2023

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Xavi Releases Electrifying Single “Justwanna” via Lost In Dreams ‘Gateway Vol 3.’ Compilation

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Known for his dreamy sounds that bring life into listeners’ ears, Xavi creates music that channels positive emotions and wishful thoughts. Xavi’s reach is expanding and has united various communities together while he emerges as a leader in the emotional subgenre of electronic dance music. Xavi’s live performances include HYPERNIGHT at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, Asteria Arts & Music Festival 2019, Nocturnal Wonderland 2021 following up with the 2021 Seven Lions Tour.

Now, he’s back with another electrifying single, “Justwanna”, released via the Lost In Dreams ‘Gateway Vol 3.’ compilation album. “Justwanna” is Xavi at his best yet, evoking powerful feelings love euphoria through crystalline melodies and powerful, melodic bass hooks. Heavily influenced by hyperpop artists like Jedwill and Brakence to name a few, Xavi thinks that Justwanna excellently depicts where his music is and where it’s going, and thinks Lost In Dreams was the perfect fit to debut this newer direction.

“Justwanna is one of my favorite tracks I’ve made in more than a while and it really displays where I’ve been taking my sound as of late. I don’t really know if I could have picked a more perfect label than Lost in Dreams for this release.” – Xavi

Listen below!

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