September 28, 2023

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Water From Your Eyes’ Rachel Brown Announces New Thanks for Coming Album

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Thanks for Coming, the solo project of Water From Your Eyes’ Rachel Brown, has announced they’ve signed to Danger Collective and a new album is on the way. Billed as a best-of compilation, You Haven’t Missed Much comes out this Friday, December 16. Check out the single “Plagiarizer” below.

Brown started recording music as Thanks for Coming back when they were in high school in Chicago. Among their early releases was 2015’s Dude Just Shut Up EP, which they made with bassist Lindsey Sherman and drummer Nate Amos. When they relocated to New York, the lineup shifted to include Charlie Dore-Young on bass and Mike Kolb on drums. You Haven’t Missed Much is a collection of 14 songs handpicked by Brown from their countless Bandcamp releases, various songs of which feature each lineup or a combination of both.

Thanks for Coming’s last album, Rachel Jr., came out earlier this year in January. Brown is also part of Water From Your Eyes with their bandmate Nate Amos. The group’s most recent LP, Structure, came out in 2021.

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You Haven’t Missed Much:

01 Steven Hawking’s Goldfish Analogy (Demo)
02 Losing Touch (NYC)
03 My Name
04 Plagiarizer
05 Have a Good One
06 Missed Connections
07 My Keys Were in My Pockets
08 Panic
09 Yr Kind of Cool
10 Universe
11 U R Not Sick, Yr Electric (Demo)
12 Belief in a World of Doubt
13 Me, Missing You
14 Niagara Falls (Demo)

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