December 7, 2023

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Turnstile and Christian Lee Hutson Recorded New Songs for I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson

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The third season of I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson premiered on Netflix today. In addition to the previously announced guest stars like Tim Heidecker and Patti Harrison, the new season features some new music from Turnstile and Christian Lee Hutson. Hutson wrote and performed the song “Is This It” from the second episode sketch “Sitcom Taping.” In the fourth episode sketch “Children’s Choir,” there’s a song called “Listening” credited to a group called the Everything-You-Knows—it’s Turnstile’s Brendan Yates, Pat McCrory, Daniel Fang, and Franz Lyons.

In the same sketch as the Turnstile track, Whitmer Thomas (who previously appeared on the show) wrote a brief rap performed by a child called the “Jolly Beach Road Rap.” Robinson himself wrote some of the music performed by the children’s choir in that sketch, as well as “Birthday Crazy” (with Zach Kanin and music by Andrew Gross, performed in one instance by Luca Ellis) from episode three’s “Robert’s Christmas Birthday.”  The episode six sketch “Banana Breath” features a song called “Dance Under the Stars,” which was co-written by Joshua Myers and Yuuki Matthews.

The song performed by Turnstile is a key part of the sketch in which it appears. (Light spoilers ahead in this paragraph.) “I’ve been listening to this new song by a band I’ve never heard before, and they’re saying there’s no rules,” actor Biff Wiff says to Robinson. (Wiff played a profane action star Santa in season two of the show.) “Do you think that’s true? … This thing has got me all fucked up.” He later adds: “God I love that fuckin’ song, man.”

Hutson has previously covered the “bones are their money” song from the show’s first season. Robinson once made headlines for attending a Turnstile show. Last year for his performances on the show, Robinson won the Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series.

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