December 8, 2023

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The Last of Us Part 1’s latest patch on PC should stop drenching everyone

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The latest update for The Last of Us Part 1 on PC arrived over the long weekend, and with it everyone should stop randomly getting drenched.

With buggy releases, typically bugs fall into two categories: funny and unfunny. Most of the issues with The Last of Us remake’s PC port fell into the former, but it’s hard to deny that characters randomly being completely covered in water in cutscenes isn’t funny. Too bad for those that did find it funny though, as a new patch dropped at the start of the long weekend which should now be fixed. This would specifically happen during a scene in the quarantine zone, but according to the patch notes, this “issue where the player and buddy characters may suddenly appear wet during gameplay,” has been fixed.

Perhaps more importantly, one of the patch notes reads “updated texture streaming to reduce CPU usage,” which should help with performance when loading new areas. A few crashes, such as the most annoying one that could occur during shader loads when booting the game up for the first time, have been fixed. So hopefully if you’re still trying to play the game on PC you’ll have a bit of an easier time with it.

As noted on Twitter, Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy “are continuing to watch and investigate player reports, and will keep you updated on future improvements and patches, including a mouse jitters fix.” You can share any issues you might be encountering on Naughty Dog’s request page, but there is a list of known issues that are currently being investigated.

Overall, the PC port has been incredibly poorly received because of all the issues it’s been suffering from (leading to the question of why it was released in that state). Updates have been coming in steadily though, so in time it’ll likely work just fine.

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