January 30, 2023

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Steam Replay 2022 is here, here’s how to check your annual Steam wrap-up

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We’ve seen our PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up, and our Nintendo Year-in-Reviews. Now, it’s time for PC gamers and Steam Deck aficionados to take to the stage with their gaming feats and achievements, as the Steam Replay 2022 has now finally arrived.

Valve made another daft trailer to accompany the Steam Replay 2022 announcement. Watch it here.

As you may already expect, the Steam Replay 2022 details your personal experiences on Steam over the past year. You can view which games you spent the most time with, how many achievements you managed to unlock, and even which genres you enjoyed the most.

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As far as Wrapped summaries of our years in gaming go, Steam’s Replay is by far the most detailed. This might work out in your favour when it comes to flexing gaming achievements, unless you spent most of your year playing games you’d rather not share…

To access your Steam Replay, all you need to do is open Steam, and your personalised stats for the year should be offered to you in a small pop-up window. Alternatively, access the Replay page and sign-in.

It comes as no surprise that my most-played game ended up being Elden Ring, with Final Fantasy XIV coming second to it. I also learnt that 64% of my time spent with Steam is using keyboard and mouse, and I bagged 225 achievements this year.

I doubt that’s all that impressive, but it’s above Steam’s average, so I’ll take it. Supposedly, the average amount of games played this year by Steam users is 5, with an average of 21 achievements unlocked. So, I’ve been gaming harder than most, I guess.

Let us know what your favourite stats are from your Steam Replay, or even which gaming achievement you’re most proud of this year!