June 6, 2023

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Singer-songwriter Idriz Sanie Dishes on His Lifelong Love Affair with Music

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Achieving one’s goals is always a direct result of one’s talent and effort. With enough determination, there is no obstacle that a person can’t overcome. Edwis Ahmad Satarzadeh, better known by his stage name as Idriz Sanie, is one such musician who is on the ascent and building a name for himself in the music world.

Ashubgar, Man Khaham Tora, Bia Bia, Az Hale Dele, and Ayne, Nazanin yaram are just six of Idriz Sanie’s many musical offerings. Each and every song and music video captures the listener’s attention by depicting nuanced human emotions through melody. @idrizsmusic is Idriz’s YouTube channel. A lot of people have seen the music videos he’s released on his channel. These clips are unique since he appears in them. This means that we also get to witness his acting prowess.

Music touches the very core of every performer’s being. There’s a reason they’re so into art and so eager to share their music and voices with the world. After being questioned, “What does music mean to you?” Idriz Sanie responded eloquently.

Singer Idriz Sanie reveals his feelings about music and songs by saying, “My family and I always had music playing, and I learned to enjoy many different genres. I’ve had the good fortune to hear music from a wide variety of civilizations and traditions. Having this knowledge has deepened my appreciation for the arts. Music was the one thing that got me through those tough times. Of course, I can’t assume that everyone else’s experience is the same. No matter what’s going on in life, play a song and you will see yourself either getting cheered up or your complex thoughts finding meaning in the lyrics.”

“I find great comfort, joy, and relaxation in listening to music. A person can listen to songs anywhere and everywhere. Today, through my platform, I want to add more meaningful songs to their list. Where else can an artist go from here? Music has made me who I am today. So it’s a deep and romantic connection that words can’t suffice,” he adds.

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