March 25, 2023

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Rocket League Nike FC Cup lets you play for your country in limited event

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The Nike FC Cup limited-time event is coming to Rocket League, bringing with it a fresh event, challenges, and rewards on November 17. While it’s live, players can choose from 40 countries to represent, earn points, and compete against each other for exclusive prizes.

From the update date, you have until December 6 to experience everything the Nike FC Cup has to offer. The most accessible of which come from 10 challenges, which provide player banners and country decals upon completion.

If you’ve not played Rocket League in a while, Season 7 brought some serious bling to the game.

The FC Fan Clash is the star of the event. First, players will need to sign up on the Fan Clash website and pick a team, at which point they’ll start earning points for their chosen country. By December 6, points will be tallied up and the winners be selected. The top-scoring team will earn the Nike FC Cup MVP title, while those in the top four will earn the Nike FC 2022 Titanium White Goal Explosion.

On November 30, the Fan Clash is swapped out for the Nike FC Showdown. This 4v4 mode takes place on a Nike-themed Champion’s Field, with increased player speed and reduced ball bounciness. This will be open to players until December 14, so there’s plenty of time to try it out.

Finally. those willing to spend some real-life cash, a new cash shop with themed cosmetics will be present. Featured in this catalogue is the Nike Next Generation Pack and The Nike CR7 Pack, which includes a decal inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Mercurial Boot. These, like the challenges, will be gone come November 30.

All in all, a fun period for fans of some traditional football and those who like mixing up their usual schedule of Rocket League matches with some modified game modes. For me, any in-game multiplayer event where you get to represent a faction and face off against others is brilliant. It justs adds a little bit more tribalism to the competitive experience, which as all fans of real-world football knows, is an enhancer to the overall experience.

Will you be checking this out? Let us know below as well as what country you’ll be representing!

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