October 2, 2023

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One quick thing every Diablo 4 player needs to do before starting a seasonal character

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We’re less than two mere days away from the big launch of Season of the Malignant, the first official season of Diablo 4. The big pre-season patch arrived earlier today, bringing a significant number of changes, loads of bug fixes, new content, and some balance tweaks to your favourite Aspects/classes/builds.

Outside of the seasonal content itself, almost everything the patch introduces can be taken advantage of today. Whether you’ve been spending your Diablo 4 playtime time doing everything on this list to prepare yourself for the Season 1 launch, or you never actually found the time, there’s one small thing you can do right now that has a massive effect on all future characters – including seasonal characters.

In today’s patch, Blizzard made it so Altars of Lilith unlocks and fog of war clearing/map discovery applies to the entire account. If one character has them, all others do, too. But in order for this to take effect, you need to log into your account and pick the character with the most progress.

This will propagate said progress to the rest of your Diablo 4 account, which saves you from having to find Altars of Lilith and clear off the map all over again on any future character, which again, includes seasonal characters.

If you don’t know which character has the most progress, don’t worry! You can log into all of them and the game will pick whichever has the most progress and apply it to your account. This needs to be done before you start a seasonal character, but you can do it at any point starting today.

Even if the season starts and goes on for a while before you do this, it’s fine, so long as you don’t start a new seasonal character without doing this step. Keep in mind that all players need to start a new character to experience seasonal content, so it’s crucial that, even if you can’t buff yourself up ahead of the new season, you can at least register the progress you’ve already made.

Season of the Malignant kicks off July 20.

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