September 30, 2023

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Newcomer Azucena announced for Tekken 8, over-caffeinated players around the world rejoice

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Not content with just giving us a Raven trailer this year, Harada and Michael Murray from the Tekken 8 team have just released a new trailer for Azucena.

A Peruvian fighter and the first brand new character to join the roster, she’s dubbed the coffee queen with bitter angles of attack for any unfortunate opponent in the way of her slick dodges and devestating counter attacks.

With this news, the total character count for Tekken 8 has reached 18. While there’s still no release date for the game aside from a vague 2024 window, we’re starting to see a lot of content in the game at this point. Not only have we had two closed network tests, we’ve also gotten hands on with the game at the Evo 2023 show floor.

One of the coolest parts of Tekken 7 characters are their ability to represent some lesser-loved nations out there, to the joy of fans located there. Peru isn’t a country you see a lot of rep for, and Azucena looks to be a fantastic love letter for the country. It also helps that her moveset looks absolutely slick, with some staggering attacks we’re watching on repeat (between Evo matches of course).

What do you think of this trailer? Let us know below, as well as whether you’re excited to check them out yourself when Tekken 8 finally releases!

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