April 1, 2023

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Label Founder LEFTI Taps NYC-Based DJ’s Rich Furniss and N2N To Team Up For Label Operations For 2023 [INTERVIEW]

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​Quincy Boy Records is a Brooklyn-based House record label founded by LEFTI (Alex Suarez). With their funky disco influence, Quincy Boy has made an immediate impact on the House and Disco House community around the world.

In 2022, Quincy Boy has had multiple chart-topping releases on Traxsource, including  LEFTI and Selena Faider’s collab “Party People” as well as LEFTI’s recent single “Lightning”, which have both garnered major international support from the likes of BBCradio1 as well as world class names like David Guetta, Arielle Free, Danny Howard and Claptone. Mark Knight has also supported Aternity’s “Underground” and Clavette’s “Crazy” on his popular Toolroom Radio.

With so much support already fueling this impressive label, LEFTI has decided to team up with two more rising artists in NYC, Rich Furniss and N2N to work on label operations for 2023. It’s a no brainer, especially looking at what each artist has already accomplished in their own career. Rich Furniss has performed with the likes of Diplo, Rick Ross and Chromeo, and also performed at Safe & Sound SXSW, Governors Ball, Winter Music Conference, Miami Art week and more. 

We’re excited to see where this label goes in the new year. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions about this new venture that you can read below.

Tell us more about your involvement with Quincy Boy Records? Has being involved with a label always been something you’ve wanted to do?

LEFTI : It wasn’t something I planned on for a long time. At first, it was just an outlet to self-release some music between my releases on other labels. Some friends and some of my social followers started showing interest in it and it really inspired me to start releasing other music. 

N2N: I’ve actually wanted to start my own label for years, but was waiting to hit a different stage of my career to have more of a launchpad for it to take off. Alex reached out to me, and the thought of spending more time doing what I love with people I love was impossible to turn down! 

Rich: I think any DJ or producer thinks about it but for me, it was about having the right people and opportunity. I know I found it here at Quincy Boy.

What has been your biggest highlight of 2022?  

LEFTI: For Quincy Boy, I think having the Selena Faider x LEFTI release “Party People” getting a lot of BBC Radio 1 support, including Track Of The Week,  was very exciting.

N2N: Returning to Burning Man after 3 years away and playing the closing party at Ego Trip after the man burned. Releasing a collab with Kevin McKay that took a year to make and hitting Operator for the first time.

Rich: There are so many but, joining forces with Lefti and N2N is a big one. I really respect these guys, there production skills and knowledge is incredible and they are just great people. I’m really excited to see what we build together. 

What was something you learned this year? 

LEFTI: This year I really learned that you never know who is observing and checking out your content, music, and performances. I’ll leave it at that but I’ve been extremely fortunate to come across some really great people thru my music and my record label.

N2N: Patience. Instant gratification is hard to come by on the back end of the music industry – songs can take a year from conception to release, and if you feel like you have something special you want to see the payoff right away. Zoom out, and career growth isn’t always linear, and it takes time. Not everyone can be an overnight success, and even the overnight success stories have been building a foundation for years.

Rich Furniss: I have to agree with N2N on this one patience is critical. Nothing is built overnight, you have to have the determination and willpower to keep pushing no matter where you are in your career. I’m thankful for the progression I have made so far but excited to keep building not only my own career but the Quincy Boy family. 

What’s on your radar for 2023? What do you hope to accomplish that you didn’t get to this year? 

Rich: This year I’m really excited to work with the whole Quincy Boy family. I’ve worked with labels before but never in this capacity. It’s going to be fun working with Lefti and N2N on discovering new songs and artists for the label. I’m excited to take what I did with my party HeatWave and refine it for all the Quincy Boy events.

N2N: Consistently releasing music I’m excited to DJ. I only had a few songs come out last year, and I’ve been working my ass off to improve my productions and sign to labels with good reach, including Quincy Boy. So far I have things on the calendar from January to May, and I’m hoping to round out the year with at least one a month. 

What’s the most important thing you hope fans take away from your music?

Rich: For all the music that I release I hope it takes the listener on a journey. As more of a DJ/Producer, the journey has always been important to me. The trick is taking that journey that as a DJ you normally have 60+ minutes to unravel, putting that into a 3-5 minute song. That has been a fun art to perfect. I hope my music helps people to make memories and uplifts them in the same way it uplifts me when I finish it.

N2N: Escapism! House music is an escape from whatever bullshit we all go through in our daily lives. DJ sets provide a safe space to exist in a different world, where you can move your body uninhibited and express yourself to feel joy for a few hours. The music serves the same purpose. I’m not trying to save the world with anything I write, just trying to make people happy for a bit :). 

Check out the official Quincy Boy Spotify Playlist below!