October 2, 2023

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Josh Rubin Drops Highly Anticipated ‘Playing With Fire’ EP

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Josh Rubin, a singer/songwriter and producer from Austin, TX, who came onto the scene in 2015 and made his way up the ranks of the dance music world as a powerhouse vocalist. In 2022, Josh’s life changed – he moved to LA to attend ICON Collective to further his production skills. While continuously releasing collabs on Monstercat, Seeking Blue, Bassrush, and Welcome Records; his focus has been on his craft, writing and recording music that speaks to the mind of fellow OVRTHNKRS. 

He’s been building this year towards his highly anticipated EP ‘Playing With Fire’ and now that it’s out, it’s safe to say it was worth the wait. It’s a beautiful journey throughout the bass and melodic bass spectrum, as Josh masterfully weaves mind bending sonic layers with ethereal vocal melodies.

“‘Playing with Fire’ to me is a representation of what it feels like to fall in love. Each of the tracks on this EP reflects on past experiences and relationships throughout my life. From the darkest of times where I feel like all hope was lost to where my soul felt so full, bright and alive with joy. Both are feelings that are sometimes hard to describe so I tried to bring those feelings to life in these songs. Fire and love share a lot of qualities as in we need both to survive and yet we can get burned by them. That was the idea behind titling the EP Playing with Fire. Expressing love for anything or anyone is a gamble, but it’s a risk worth taking.” – Josh Rubin

Listen below!

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