February 8, 2023

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IMAN Drops Thunderous Dubstep Single, “Illest” [Crowsnest Audio]

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IMAN is a producer who has been igniting the festival musical scene since day one. With top-notch production elements and bass-induced madness all apparent in his signature destructive sound, IMAN has been gathering his global fan-base at iconic venues such as Exchange LA and Aura. Continuing to make his mark with releases on labels such as Space Yacht and Rude Service, IMAN is back for more with the release of ‘Illest’ on the Crowsnest Audio Compilation album ‘Cyanolyca Nanus.’

A true representation of his hard-hitting and ever-evolving sound, this track locked and loaded with unbridled energy from start to finish. Weaving mechanical synths with gritty vocals, powered by thunderous drums and bass wubs, “Illest” basically guarantees to bring out all those headbangers to ride the rail no matter what time of the day it is.

Listen below!