December 1, 2023

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GTA Online’s Los Santos Drug Wars update finds you getting into the psychedelics trade

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An update is coming to GTA Online next week, and it promises to inject a “new psychoactive strain of chaos” into the game.

Called Los Santos Drug Wars, the update takes you to Blaine County, where you will join up with Nervous Ron and “out-of-state misfits.

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Your mission is to help them make their mark on the Los Santos psychedelics trade. You will come up against wealthy hippies and bikers while trying to “cook up” mind-altering substances.

You can create your special concoction in state-of-the-art labs or from your rolling chemistry set.

The opening chapter of Los Santos Drug Wars is the first of a two-part story update, and it launches on December 13.

Los Santos Drug Wars features a new business enterprise, additional vehicles and missions, and experiential upgrades. And this is just the first of upcoming events that will include “holiday hijinks,” significant story and gameplay updates, and more in the works.

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