December 8, 2023

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God of War Ragnarok gets the Digital Foundry treatment

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God of War Ragnarok is out soon, and Digital Foundry recently had some hands-on time with Kratos’ latest adventure.

According to Digital Foundry, even in its pre-released state, Ragnarok feels unbelievably polished… there are effectively no stutters, hitches, or any other weirdness.”

God of War Ragnarok – Shaping the Story (PS5 & PS4)

Zero bugs or visual glitches have been encountered, and everything “feels polished to perfection.”

Digital Foundry said that while the game doesn’t push the “technology envelope,” the presentation is “so beautifully realized and tightly put together it’s hard not to be impressed.”

The game’s loveliness is even more noticeable when played on PS5 via a TV with 4K 120Hz support. DF suggests you play it in the high frame-rate mode as it “feels the most responsive, and you really lose very little in terms of overall image quality and detail [because] It looks fantastic.”

If you don’t have such a TV, play the game in 60Hz performance mode instead. The frame rate remains stable, it has an “excellent visual quality,” and it is one of the most stable 60fps games DF has seen on consoles.

There are four graphics modes available, and the main complaint seems to be that the quality modes “don’t offer as much of a leap” as they could.

Of course, there’s more to Digital Foundry’s analysis of the game. Hit up the link and give the full report a read.

God of War Ragnarok releases on PS4 and PS5 on November 9.

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