June 2, 2023

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&friends Releases Sensational Single, “Love Is The Way” ft. Oluwadamvic

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&friends is one of the most exciting up and coming acts right now, drawing the breadth of his inspiration for these musical works from global cultures, and infusing it into a addictive afro-house sound. From New York, to Miami, Marrakech, Madrid, Mexico City – Tulum to Toronto and beyond, &friends is already making his mark on dance floors around the world. In his short time on the scene, &friends has received support by Pete Tong of BBC Radio 1, Black Coffee, Diplo, &ME, Keinemusik, Michael Bibi, Blond:ish, Francis Mercier and many more.

Now, he’s back with a sensational new single “Love Is The Way” ft. Oluwadamvic. Soulful, uplifting lyrics from Oluwadamvic are masterfully harmonized alongside vibrant production build upon a percussive foundation of afro-house. Momentous builds and melodic breakdowns craft a cinematic soundscape narrated by the West African vocalist, who describes love as being the only way we can move forward as a society. 

“Love is the only way to move forward as humans, and the more love we show to others, the more love we feel for ourselves. This track, to me, means letting love lead in all ways, setting aside our differences and the fact that we might have hurt one another, but what is the point of dwelling in the past when we can make things right by acting now?  Love is the only way to do that.” – Oluwadamvic

Listen below!

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