June 6, 2023

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Footage of a possible Persona 3 remake and Jet Set Radio reboot has leaked

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It looks like some footage from a potential Persona 3 remake and Jet Set Radio reboot have leaked online.

Right off the bat I should say that like with any leak or rumour, it’s always good to take things with a pinch of salt. But if a leak is to be believed, then some footage for a Persona 3 remake, and a new iteration of Jet Set Radio, has appeared courtesy of Twitter user akiaangelica. The user first shared footage of just Yukari from Persona 3 firing an attack at an enemy on April 4 last week, before later claiming that it came from an internal meeting at Sega Japan held in 2021.

This tweet showed off some other footage, like an earlier look at Sonic Frontiers which shows off enemies that look slightly different from those seen in the game, and a small bit of footage showing Beat from Jet Set Radio dancing. Some have noticed how Sonic Frontiers looks better from that footage compared to now, though it’s very likely this was just a target render. The Jet Set Radio footage wouldn’t be entirely unsurprising considering a report last year claimed a reboot is on the way. As noted by SegaBits, this footage lines up with some images that leaked last year, making it look like the footage is more of a test than anything concrete if real.

While Gematsu wasn’t able to verify the footage of the possible Persona 3 remake, it did share that it understands that a remake has been in development at Atlus for a number of years. It is also worth noting that a Persona 5 mobile spin-off has been announced, which does feature gacha mechanics, so it’s possible it can factor into that somehow, though it would be odd to show off a Persona 3 character specifically in the reel.

Persona 3 Portable released on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox consoles earlier this year alongside Persona 4 Golden. But the former originally released on the PSP, and didn’t let you explore environments other than in dungeons, making the idea of a remake not that surprising.

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