September 28, 2023

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Flume’s “Tennis Court” remix is finally coming to streaming platforms

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The 10th anniversary of Flume, the debut album from the Australian artist, is in two days. By coincidence, or perhaps not, Flume dug up an old laptop from around that time and promised to go on TikTok live and browse through many of the old project files. Unfortunately, the stream was due in Australian Eastern Daylight Time, meaning it began at 5am ET and 2am PT on Sunday, when many in the US would be asleep.

Thankfully, Flume faithfuls Brownies & Lemonade summarized some of the big points of the stream, including that his “Tennis Court” remix would soon be available on streaming platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify. Since the remix released in 2014, it has only been available on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Additionally, an unreleased track “Slugger” is coming soon, along with an appearance on triplej’s Like A Version. He’s also apparently interested in doing another mixtape, as Hi This is Flume was so successful.

for ppl who missed the flume livestream last night, here are highlights:

-tennis court remix will be on streaming platforms soon
-unreleased track “slugger” is coming soon
-interested in doing another mixtape
-triple j like a version coming soon
-mentos and ice bucket challenges

— Brownies & Lemonade🍫🍋 (@TeamBandL) November 7, 2022

Check out his classic “Tennis Court” remix below, and get ready to update your playlists!


Photo via Bianca Holderness for Splendour in the Grass

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