April 1, 2023

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Fiona Apple Narrates and Scores New Court Watching PSA: Watch

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Fiona Apple, an outspoken advocate of court watching, has provided new instrumental music for a new short film for the National Courtwatch Network. Apple also narrates and offers testimonials from her own court watching experience. Watch the PSA below.

In an interview with The Washington Post about the short film, Apple wanted to let fans know that her music for the film isn’t supposed to be a “masterpiece”—just unobtrusive accompaniment. “When I was playing to the Carmen [Johnson] part, I was just really feeling my love for her and her story,” Apple said. “So I did put my heart into it.”

“Court watching is really the gateway to a better community, a better world, because it will make you care,” Apple continued. “It makes you care about people you don’t know. And we need more of that. We really need more of that.”

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