December 1, 2023

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Cats and Soup has teamed up with Snoopy for its festive update

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Cats and Soup provides an adorable, calm environment in which you have your cats make soup, and churn out a profit as a result. You simply click a few icons, collect and name your cats, and use your profits to upgrade recipes and make the environment a nicer place for your feline workers. Over the holidays, the cats are even receiving a visit from Peanuts’ Snoopy.

Check out the trailer for the Cats and Soup x Snoppy collaboration here.

I’m a big fan of idle games. Sometimes, you fancy the stimulation of playing a video game without the brain gymnastics needed for a Soulslike RPG, or the muscle memory required for your favourite fighting game.

Neowiz’s Cats and Soup is one that I continue to dive back into from time to time, to check up on the cats and set them on with cooking up more soup. It’s ideal for head-empty wholesomeness, and this festive season, Neowiz have introduced Snoopy and his dear friend Woodstock.

The Snoopy collaboration will run until 18 January, and will host various challenges that will reward you with Snoopy and Woodstock-themed items. These items include cat cosmetics, decor, and even new pieces of furniture for your island of cooking cats.

Of course, with it still being the holidays, there are festive-themed cosmetics and decor for your cats too. So, if Snoopy isn’t your thing, you can turn your cat island into a Christmas grotto of sorts.

Have you tried Cats and Soup? If not, and you’re looking for a basic idle game that’s regularly updated, I certainly recommend Neowiz’s lovable catventure.

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