June 6, 2023

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Blizzard announces Diablo 4 global release times

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Blizzard has announced the global release times for Diablo 4 quite a bit ahead of time.

It’s nice to be prepared, even if it is a bit early.

The end is only the beginning.

Here’s the global release times for Diablo 4:

Early Access for Deluxe and Ultimate pre-orders

US: Thursday June 1 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET
Europe: June 2 at 12am CEST
Asian: June 2 at 8am

Regular Launch

US: June 5 at 4pm PT/7pm ET
Europe: June 6 at 12am CEST
Asia: June 6 at 8am

In the game, the demon Lilith and the angel Inarius have resorted to war against each other. With Sanctuary overrun with demons, it is up to you to save it as your choice of five classes – the Druid, Rogue, Sorceress, Barbarian, or Necromancer.

Debuting in the Diablo universe is the overworld where you will drive back the demons of Hell across various zones such as Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Hawezar, Dry Steppes, and Kehjistan. It features 140 dungeons, side quests, and plenty of loot, and World Bosses will emerge, forcing you to defeat them in groups for a chance at their spoils. There are also Strongholds to claim for the citizens of Sanctuary.

It features an end-game system where you will continue to grow in power through challenges, and there is Helltide, a regularly occurring event that brings a surge in demonic activity. It also features challenging Nightmare Dungeons, an updated Paragon Board system, Whispers of the Dead that grant Legendary rewards for world bounties, and Fields of Hatred for building PvP.

Upon its release, Diablo 4 will feature cross-platform play and progression, plus couch co-op on consoles at launch.

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