September 30, 2023

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Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar Perform “America Has a Problem” Live for the First Time: Watch

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Kendrick Lamar joined Beyoncé on stage in Inglewood, California, on Monday night (September 4), performing “America Has a Problem” with the singer for the first time on her 42nd birthday. During part of the verse, it appeared that Lamar’s mic wasn’t on, but the issue was fixed quickly. Watch it happen here and here.

Beyoncé released the update to the Renaissance track with new contributions from the Pulitzer Prize–winning rapper in May. She more recently joined Travis Scott on his track “Delresto (Echoes),” which appears on July’s Utopia.

In Inglewood, Diana Ross also made a guest appearance, leading the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to Beyoncé. The Renaissance World Tour continues through the end of September, with dates in Vancouver, Seattle, New Orleans, and Beyoncé’s hometown of Houston.

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