September 28, 2023

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8 New Albums You Should Listen to Now: Slowdive, Speedy Ortiz, Jeff Rosenstock, and More

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Speedy Ortiz return with another bundle of wily hooks and witty, pithy lyrics on fourth album Rabbit Rabbit, the follow-up to 2018’s Twerp Verse. Single “You S02” skewers union-busters and sunken ex-punks, reflecting the band’s sidelines working in and alongside activist movements, while “Ranch vs. Ranch” unspools a movie hero’s origin story. “As I was channeling scenes and sentiments from decades past, I wanted to honor the bands I loved when I first learned guitar, ones that taught me to get lost in the possibilities of this instrument,” Sadie Dupuis said in press materials, referring to touchstones including post-hardcore, the Palm Desert scene, and alternative metal.

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Jeff Rosenstock: Hellmode [Polyvinyl]

Jeff Rosenstock has prevailed as a preeminent punk torchbearer of his era, and is now bigger than ever. Equally, “It’s weird feeling success at the worst possible time, while the world falls apart,” he said in press materials. “These things I’ve been unintentionally working towards for the last two decades have come to fruition now, when everything is on fire.” So he made Hellmode, billed as his biggest and most apocalyptic, but also poppiest, album yet. “It’s funny,” he said, “I feel like in 2023, you can write an unabashedly poppy punk song and it’s probably not gonna be on the radio anyway, so it doesn’t feel like a sellout move. We felt free to make something that just kicks as much ass as possible.”

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